2 injured in the accident in Bayburt

The car under the command of Muhammet A. collided with the jeep under the direction of Mehmail K., which was coming from the opposite direction near the village of Oruçbeyli on the Bayburt-Erzincan highway.

Upon notification of the situation, health, gendarmerie, fire, AFAD and Highways teams were sent to the region.

Mehmail K, who was stuck in the jeep that was thrown by the effect of the collision, was removed from where he was by the fire crews.

Drivers injured in the accident were taken to Bayburt State Hospital.

The transportation, which was provided on a single lane for a while due to the accident, returned to normal after the vehicles were removed.

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Source Link: NTV/TRT

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Two vehicles collided on Bayburt-Erzincan highway near the village of Oruçbeyli. The accident involved a car and a jeep, driven by Muhammet A. and Mehmail K. respectively. Mehmail K. was trapped in his jeep after being thrown off by the collision. The authorities immediately dispatched health, gendarmerie, fire, AFAD, and Highways teams to the scene. The injured drivers were taken to Bayburt State Hospital for medical treatment. The accident caused traffic disruption on the highway, which was later restored after the vehicles were cleared.

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