25th week in AKSA. The winner in the opening match, Pera Larnaca Youth Union…1-2

The excitement of the 25th week in the AKSA Super and First League started with the Girne People’s House-Pera Larnaca Youth Union struggle played at 20:00 yesterday evening.
The matches played yesterday and today in the leagues and the results are as follows;
Super League;
Turkish Hearth Limassol 3-2 Göçmenköy
Miter 1-3 Cihangir
China Bazaar Youth Force 3-2 Lefke
First League;
Girne People’s House 1-2 Pera Larnaca Youth Union
Esentepe 5-0 Yenierenköy
Yalova 3-0 Lapta
Mormenekşe 1-1 Binatli
Paphos Ülkü Yurdu 2-3 Yeniboğaziçi
Dortyol 1-4 Duzkaya
Ünimar Maras 4-0 İncirli
Miracle Karşıyaka 3-0 Mustafa Hacıali Yılmazköy

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Source Link: NTV/BRT

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ACM Cyprus

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The text provides an update on the recent matches played in AKSA Super and First League. It mentions the match between Girne People’s House and Pera Larnaca Youth Union that was played at 20:00 the previous evening, and the results of various other matches played in the leagues. There is also an image of the leagues’ logo.

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