385 liras from Dolmabahçe to Taksim! Taxi driver demanding exorbitant price was fined

The incident took place in Taksim yesterday at noon. According to information received, taxi driver Murat Akpolat, who bought two husband and wife Alihandra and Pablo Cadel from Dolmabahçe from Argentina, demanded a fee of 385 liras from tourists when he arrived in Taksim. There was a brief discussion in the taxi.


After the discussion, the Argentine couple, who saw the tourism police in Taksim Square, went to the police and filed a complaint about the taxi driver. After their complaints, the police teams searched the taxi by examining the documents of the taxi driver.


After the police teams searched the taxi, the driver fined the driver 4 thousand 936 liras. While Akpolat’s driver’s license was confiscated for 20 days, the taxi was towed to the parking lot with a tow truck.

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Source Link: NTV/TRT

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A taxi driver in Taksim, Istanbul was fined 4,936 liras and had his driver’s license confiscated for 20 days after demanding a fee of 385 liras from a tourist couple from Argentina. The couple filed a complaint with tourism police and after an inspection of the driver’s documents, the fine was issued and the car was towed away.

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