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The 42nd Istanbul Film Festival started with the opening ceremony held at Kadıköy Municipality Süreyya Opera on Thursday, April 6th. At the opening ceremony of the 42nd Istanbul Film Festival, hosted by Ali İhsan Varol, in addition to the Festival’s Cinema Honorary Awards, thank you plaques were presented to institutions and organizations that contributed to the realization of the festival.

The first Cinema Honorary Award of the festival was presented to Kayhan Yıldızoğlu, who created unique characters in his long and productive career spanning more than half a century and continued his success on screens as well as in cinema and theatre. The award of Yıldızoğlu, who could not attend the ceremony night, was presented to her granddaughter Zeynep Aybar by Kerem Ayan, the director of the Istanbul Film Festival.

The second Cinema Honorary Award of the festival was presented to Nevra Serezli, who has made a name for herself with her performances in movies and TV series, as well as her success as a dubbing artist, and whose contributions to our art world have continued for more than 50 years. Nevra Serezli was presented with the award by master actress Metin Akpınar.

Which Films Are In The Festival Today (April 7th)?

Atlas 1948

Cinewam City’s 3

Cinewam City’s 7

French Cultural Center

  • 11.00 – Everyone Loves Jeanne
  • 13.30 – The Damned Don’t Cry
  • 16.00 – Force of Law
  • 19.00 – Days of Love, Fire and Anarchy: Turkish Cinematheque and Onat Kutlar
  • 21.30 – Mother and Whore

Kadıköy Cinema

  • 11.00 – Kings of the World
  • 13.30 – 20.000 Bee Species
  • 16.00 – Children of Others
  • 19.00 – Combatant
  • 21.30 – RSVP (Please Answer)

Cinematheque Cinema House

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ACM Cyprus

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The 42nd Istanbul Film Festival began on April 6th with an opening ceremony at Kadıköy Municipality Süreyya Opera. The festival presented Cinema Honorary Awards to Kayhan Yıldızoğlu and Nevra Serezli for their significant contributions to the film industry. On April 7th, the festival lineup included films such as «Everyone Loves Jeanne» and «Mother and Whore» at the French Cultural Center, «Kings of the World» and «RSVP» at Kadıköy Cinema, and more.

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