Aboubakar did not pass Fenerbahce empty again

Aboubakar, who became a star with 2 goals in the unforgettable derby won 4-3 in Kadıköy in 2020, did not forgive Fenerbahçe yesterday. The Cameroonian star scored his desired goal in the 90th minute. The performance and figures of the successful football player also drew attention.

Beşiktaş had a very bad first half away from Kadıköy. Having difficulty in making a game, the Black-Whites were able to make only 77 accurate passes in the 45-minute section. This figure was recorded as the worst first half of the season for Beşiktaş. In the second half, Kartal made a historic comeback with the substitutions and especially Redmond’s show. Although Fenerbahçe made 3 times more passes than Beşiktaş, they had difficulties in the finalization part of the job.

Historical victory in Kadıköy from Beşiktaş! Incident reaction from Fenerbahce stands...

Historical victory in Kadıköy from Beşiktaş! Incident reaction from Fenerbahce stands…


At the start of the second half, Hadziahmetovic was sidelined, while Salih Uçan moved to number 6. Then, after Welinton’s red, Necip replaced Gedson and switched to the central defender. Salih, who carried the midfield alone for a long time, got full marks with his struggle. Salih, who won 14 of the 22 double matches he entered, grabbed the ball 6 times. Made 2 passes. Kartal’s star player continued his rising performance in Kadıköy as well.


Rachid Ghezzal, who started the Fenerbahçe match at 11 and expected a lot from Beşiktaş fans, was quite ineffective in the first half. The Algerian star, who could not take the expected responsibility, could not lead the offensive organizations. Coach Şenol Güneş intervened immediately in the circuit. Redmond replaced Ghezzal, who had just recovered from injury, and his goal and assists marked the derby.


One of the key matches of the derby; It was between Masuaku and Osayi. Masuaku made the difference in the rivalry of the two fast names. Masuaku, who did not let Fenerbahçe’s right wing player pass except for the position where Osayi was waiting for a penalty in the first half, received great applause with his struggle. Masuaku, which was discussed for a while whether he would continue in Beşiktaş or not, is now considered certain to use the 2.2 million euro purchase clause.


Vincent Aboubakar, who scored in the last 4 games in the league, tied the series… Despite the tension with the stands in the first half, the Cameroonian football player who wanted a lot, sought a lot and did everything to score during the match, aired the nets in the 90th minute. Aboubakar scored 2 goals in his last derby in Kadıköy. Making a difference in that match, which was won 4-3, Aboubakar experienced the joy of scoring for the 4th time in the 5th match in total against Fenerbahçe.


The experienced football player, who recorded 3 of them in Kadıköy, creates wonders in Beşiktaş, where he returned during the interim transfer. After Fenerbahce’s victory, the black-and-white team, which reduced the point difference with its arch-rival to 2, is 11 points behind the leader Galatasaray.


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The article is about a football match between Fenerbahçe and Beşiktaş, in which Beşiktaş won with a historic comeback after a bad first half. The article focuses on the performance of individual players, such as Salih Uçan, who made a difference in the second half, and Vincent Aboubakar, who scored his fourth goal in five matches against Fenerbahçe. Masuaku also received praise for his performance in stopping Fenerbahçe’s right wing player. The victory reduced the point difference between Beşiktaş and Fenerbahçe to 2, but they are still 11 points behind the leader, Galatasaray.

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