Accident on the Kumyalı-Cotton main road… 1 person was slightly injured

Esra Taşar was slightly injured in a traffic accident that occurred on the Kumyalı-Cotton main road at around 15.00 today.

According to the information given by the Police Press Officer, the accident happened between 5-6 kilometers from the Kumyalı-Cotton main road.

Under the direction of Esra Taşar (K-35), the saloon with license plate JV 414 fell on the left bank of the road as a result of the driver’s carelessness while driving from Kumyalı to Pamuklu and set off again. Due to Taşer’s loss of control of the vehicle, this time the vehicle left the right side of the road and rolled over and crashed into the olive tree.

Esra Taşer, who was injured in the accident, was discharged after her treatment at Famagusta State Hospital.


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Esra Taşar was involved in a traffic accident on the Kumyalı-Cotton road, sustaining minor injuries. The accident occurred due to the driver’s carelessness, and the car overturned and crashed into an olive tree. Taşar was treated at the Famagusta State Hospital and discharged shortly after.

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