Acquittal in the case of missing roosters and chickens in nursing home – Last Minute Türkiye News

İbrahim Kabak, who stayed in Makbule-Hasan Erdoğan Nursing Home, bought 4 chickens and 1 rooster and started feeding them.

However, Kabak, who later went to Germany for surgery due to health problems, returned in August last year to see that the chickens and rooster were not in the henhouse. He learned that the animals in the poultry house were given to a passer-by by his roommate, Mehmet Akif Telli.

After his chickens and roosters were given to someone else against his will, Kabak filed a criminal complaint with the prosecutor’s office.

The Çal Public Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation. Within the scope of the investigation, the crime scene was investigated by the police, photos were taken of the coop, and security camera recordings were examined. But roosters with chickens were not found.

Later, the price of 4 chickens and roosters was determined by the expert as 450 TL in total. A lawsuit was filed against Mehmet Akif Telli, who was accused of stealing chickens, at the Çal Criminal Court of First Instance, with a prison sentence of 5 to 10 years on the charge of «theft about the goods stored in the building and its annexes».

In the second hearing of the case, held on March 15, Mehmet Akif Telli said, «My roommate in the nursing home, İbrahim Kabak, voluntarily gave the chickens and the rooster to a passer-by whom we do not know. I respect him, who is older than me in terms of his age. His mind comes and goes a bit. Germany» When he returned from Istanbul, he forgot that we gave the animals voluntarily, blamed me and complained.» said. After hearing the witnesses, the court made its decision. He decided to acquit Telli and ended the trial.


Mehmet Akif Telli, who left the nursing home after the incident and started to live in his home, stated that he was accused of stealing chickens after the age of 70 and said, «İbrahim Kabak brought 2 goats to the nursing home before, but later on, he had to take them away with the decision of the management. Then he brought chickens and roosters. He brought them in the garden of the nursing home. Despite the opposition, the management continued to look. Before he went to Germany for surgery, he wanted the chickens and the rooster to be given to someone else. With his consent, I gave it to someone I don’t know who passed by the nursing home. When he returned from Germany, he complained about me and we were sued for chickens. «After this age, I was accused of stealing chickens. I am a semi-paralyzed person. I have never had such a thing in my life. I wanted to give him money, he refused. If I knew where the chickens and roosters were, I would take them and return them.» said.

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Source Link: CNN/NTV

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An elderly man, Mehmet Akif Telli, who was accused of stealing chickens from his nursing home roommate, has been acquitted by the Çal Criminal Court. İbrahim Kabak had bought four chickens and a rooster but left for Germany for surgery. He returned to find the animals had been given away by his roommate, Telli. A lawsuit was filed for theft against Telli, who said he had the consent of Kabak to give away the animals. The court heard the testimony of witnesses and decided to acquit Telli. The expert determined the price of the four chickens and roosters was 450 TL in total.

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