After Ceren Karakoç in the Cranberry Sherbet series, the popularity of Müjde Uzman is increasing! / Detay – The Cranberry Sherbet series, which continues to make its mark on Friday evenings, increased its ratings in AB and ABC1 groups to its highest level to date, last Friday evening. The series, whose 21st episode aired, reached 12 and 13 ratings, reinforcing their first place in these two categories. This explosion of interest for the series was realized through the experiences of the character of Nursema. In addition, we can say that the punishment given to the TV series by the Radio and Television Supreme Council increased the interest of the audience.

Ceren Karakoç, played by Nursema, affected millions of people so much that the ratings of the series almost doubled thanks to this character. The reason for this interest was that what happened to the character of Nursema, who grew up in a conservative family, was the experience of many young girls in Turkey.

In other words, since similar situations already exist in society, the emotional reaction to what is told in the story became even more severe. This situation caused an explosion in the ratings of the series.

The screenwriters of the Cranberry Sherbet series, which revealed the reality of the violation of women’s rights through the character of Nursema, turned a big problem in the society into a topic of discussion in this way.

Now, older men’s interest in women who are much younger than themselves, perhaps the same age as their own daughters, will reveal another fault line in the series.

After Ceren Karakoç in the Cranberry Sherbet series, the popularity of Müjde Uzman is increasing! 10

The relationship between the character Abdullah, played by Settar Tanrıöğen successfully, and Alev, played by Müjde Uzman and attracting a lot of attention, will be another breaking point in the series.

It is not known where the process that starts with a married man with children, who has reached a certain age, falls in love with a young woman and opens up to her.

However, at this point, the screenwriters set off from a reality in society. It is known that there are many similar examples in the society and they are sometimes reflected in the agenda of newspapers and social media.

Here, the screenwriters of the Cranberry Sherbet series highlight this issue, which will lead the character of Alev to attract a lot of attention.

After Ceren Karakoç in the Cranberry Sherbet series, the popularity of Müjde Uzman is increasing! 11th

Ceren Karakoç, who made a great career debut with Nursema, said that if she was not in this character in the story, she most wanted to portray Alev.

Because the character of Alev is a colorful and bright character in the series. The fact that Abdullah Bey falls in love with Alev, a young, beautiful and attractive woman, will be the new breaking point of the script of the series.

Even if the point where the relationship between Alev and Abdullah will lead to a new wave of excitement for the screenwriters, it is necessary to foresee that this situation will also have a social reaction.


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The Turkish TV series «Cranberry Sherbet» has recorded its highest viewership ratings to date, especially in the AB and ABC1 categories, with its 21st episode. The character of Nursema, played by Ceren Karakoç, has played a significant role in the increase in ratings. The series highlights the reality of the violation of women’s rights and has turned it into a topic of discussion. The upcoming relationship between the character Abdullah and Alev, played by Settar Tanrıöğen and Müjde Uzman respectively, will be another important moment in the series, considering the age difference between the two characters. The series writers have used situations and problems that exist in society as the basis for their script.

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