Ahmet Beşerler became the 1st Deputy Chief of Police

Nicosia Police Director Ahmet Beşerler was appointed as the 1st Deputy Director General of the Police.

The appointment order is as follows:

“Within the scope of Article 69 of the Police Organization (Establishment, Duties and Powers) Law No. 51/1984 and Provisional Article 1 No. 31/2022, Police Director (3rd Degree) Ahmet BEŞERLER, who served as the Nicosia Police Director» to be appointed as the 1st Deputy Director General of Police as of April 05, 2023, provided that he is dismissed without any reason in the future.

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Ahmet Beşerler, who previously served as Nicosia Police Director, has been appointed as the 1st Deputy Director General of Police. The appointment was made under the Police Organization Law and is effective from April 5, 2023. Beşerler’s appointment will remain valid unless he is dismissed without reason in the future.

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