«AKSA Super League Kicks Off 26th Week of Play»

AKSA Super League: Merit Alsancak Yeşilova Beats Yenicami 2-1 Away

The 26th week matches of AKSA Super League have started with four matches played on the first day. In Nicosia, Merit Alsancak Yeşilova managed a 2-1 away win over Yenicami, with goals from Güvenç and Yasin Doğan, taking them to a total of 33 points.

Meanwhile, Doğan Türk Union secured a solid 3-0 victory over Çetinkaya, who are fighting to stay in the league, in Kyrenia, with two goals from Billy Michael and one from Tansel. This win helped them rise to fourth place with a score of 45.

At the end of the match, Lefke hosted and led for a long time, but ultimately drew 1-1 with Küçük Kaymaklı. Chibuzar and Tugrul scored the goals for their respective teams.

Lastly, Yonpaş Dumlupınar defeated Gönyeli 3-0, with two goals from Mert Güçlücan and one from Hikmet Çelikel. Gönyeli’s chances of staying in the league were decreasing with each passing week, while Yonpaş Dumlupınar continued to chase their goal of landing in the top three, with a score of 45.

On the following day, the 26th week matches continue with Mesarya facing off against Turkish Power in Famagusta, Cihangir playing against China Bazaar Youth Force, and Hamitköy taking on Turkish Hearth Limassol.

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