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The AKSA Super League and Aksa First League have completed their 26th and 27th weeks of play, respectively. The AKSA Super League saw Mesarya tie Famagusta Turkish Force 2-2, while Cihangir defeated China Bazaar Youth Force 4-0 and Hamitköy defeated Turkish Hearth 3-1.

In the Aksa First League, Esentepe emerged victorious with a 4-2 win over Dortyol, while Kyrenia Public House dominated with a 9-2 win over Yeni Erenköy. Yalova narrowly defeated Pera Larnaca Youth Union 2-1, while Ünimar Maraş secured a comfortable 4-0 victory over New Bosphorus. Miracle Karşıyaka narrowly defeated Düzkaya 1-0.

It is clear that these teams continue to demonstrate their passion and dedication for the sport of football. Fans eagerly anticipate the next round of play and look forward to seeing how their favorite teams will perform. The AKSA Super League and Aksa First League always provide an entertaining spectacle, and this latest round of play was no exception.

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