Attractive hills of the world that make you feel freedom

Do you remember Heidi, whom we watched with pleasure in our childhood, running on the green hills? The natural formations that open up horizons and breathe as they look, have always left deep beauties in people’s minds. The first thing that came to mind was Bliss, the wallpaper of Windows XP, which has had this feeling on computers for years. Well, what features of hills attract attention in the world, have you thought?

The Napa-California Bliss wallpaper was taken by photographer Charles O’Rear in California in 1996. For the framing that gives peace to millions of people by presenting the shades of green and blue, Charles stated that he caught a magnificent view on one of the days when it rained frequently, and that he could not remain indifferent. He even prophesied that «People aged 15 or older will remember this photo for the rest of their lives». Tuscany, Italy Photographs taken by Dutch photographer Albert Dros, during his visit to Tuscany, Italy, are overly similar to Windows XP’s Bliss wallpaper. Indeed, the first impression is that this place is XP.
Gora Region, Kosovo Gora Region are mountain villages located in the south of Prizren province of Kosovo. Gora literally means mountaineer and the people living in the region are from the old Muslim Turkish tribes.
Erzurum, Turkey The hills in Erzurum’s Oltu district, which attract the attention of those who see them with their rainbow-like colors, took their place in the list as a corner of our country that arouses curiosity. The reasons such as climate and erosion in the Himalayan mountain belt have led to the emergence of these hills. Work is underway to include it in a Geopark in the future.
Iğdır Turkey The next interesting hill is from our country, Iğdır. The hills located in the west of Tuzluca district contain shades of red, brown, gray and yellow. At the same time, the hills seen in Nakhchivan and Iran are a gift of nature to us, just like the formation in Erzurum.
National Geopark – China The national Danxia Geopark, located in the Gansu region of China, was often confused with the hills in Erzurum and reported. This gigantic nature formation, spread over 520 million square meters in total, is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. This formation, which is known to correspond to 55 million years, attracts the attention of all tourists from all over the world.
Vinicunca, Peru Our last colored hill is Montana de Siete Colores, which means seven colors and is located in the Cusco region of Peru, even though its name is mountain. It takes a bit of an arduous journey to reach here. First, it takes a 3-hour bus ride and then 10 km of walking and climbing. So, has the secret of being so colorful be explained? As a result of the melting of the glacier covering the mountain, soils in different layers emerged and sequential belts resembling rainbows were formed. Vinicunca, a branch of the Andes Mountains, was discovered in 2016. I guess it’s pretty hard to believe without seeing it with the naked eye. Source: Cengiz Selcuk – Brandlifemag

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The article discusses the beauty of hills around the world and their unique features. It starts with the reference to the Bliss wallpaper of Windows XP and how it has left a lasting impression on people’s minds. The article then showcases various hills around the world, including the Napa-California Bliss wallpaper, Tuscany in Italy, the Gora Region in Kosovo, the hills of Erzurum in Turkey, Iğdır in Turkey, the National Geopark in China, and Montana de Siete Colores in Peru. The article explains the unique features of each hill and how they are formed. Overall, the article highlights the breathtaking beauty of nature and how it can inspire and awe people.

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