‘Car cemetery’ reveals the extent of the disaster

In Hatay, centered in Kahramanmaraş, devastated by the earthquakes that occurred on February 6, the collection areas where thousands of vehicles were taken under the rubble attracted attention with their appearance resembling a «car cemetery».

In Hatay, one of the provinces most affected by the Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquakes, the debris removal works of the buildings that are the graves of thousands of people continue. With the removal of the debris, the vehicles left under the rubble piles are also coming to light.
About 60 teams, assigned from different parts of Turkey by the General Directorate of Security and the Traffic Foundation, go to the wreckage where the scrap vehicles are located.
The teams bring the vehicles whose license plate or chassis numbers are recorded to the collection areas set up at 3 points of the city with tow trucks.
The areas with thousands of cars, motorcycles and pickup trucks, which resemble a «car cemetery» with their crushed appearance, broken windows, broken engine and wheels, show the destruction caused by earthquakes.
Osman Özcan, who was assigned to tow a vehicle from Bitlis, said that he had been working in the region for 10 days.
Noting that his own teams towed about 10 vehicles a day, Özcan said, «When the vehicles under the wreckage are removed, we are told their location and location. We identify the owners from the license plate of the vehicle we bought, or from the engine chassis number.» he said.
Özcan stated that they recorded the addresses where they bought the scrap vehicles and said, «The owner or legal heirs also come and buy them from here.» said.

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Source Link: CNN/NTV

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The collection areas set up for the vehicles buried under the rubble after the earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş, Hatay, have been compared to a «car cemetery» due to the appearance of thousands of crushed and damaged cars, motorcycles and pickup trucks. About 60 teams from different parts of Turkey are assigned to collect the scrap vehicles with their license plate and chassis numbers recorded. The areas also show the extent of the destruction caused by the earthquakes. The owners or legal heirs of the vehicles are given the opportunity to buy their property back from the collection areas.

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