Cetinkaya worked in Taksim

AKSA Super League representative Çetinkaya held his first training session after the new arrangements made in the historical Taksim Field, where the UN blocked the entrance for a while.

The yellow and red team entered the field where they last worked 8 years ago, passing through the Ledra Palace border gate. Team training was carried out under the supervision of coach Cemal Kır.

On the other hand, Çetinkaya U12 team participates in the “U12 International Football Tournament” to be organized by İzmir/Altınordu Club.

In the tournament to be held between 7-10 April with the participation of 72 teams, one of the biggest teams of Europe; The infrastructures of Bayern Munich, Paris Saint German, Chelsea, Ajax, and Porto will also take place.

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Source Link: NTV/BRT

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The Çetinkaya football team, representing the AKSA Super League, has had their first training session in the historical Taksim field after the UN initially blocked entrance. The team, wearing their yellow and red kit, entered the field through the Ledra Palace border gate, which they last worked on eight years ago. The training was supervised by coach Cemal Kır. Meanwhile, the Çetinkaya U12 team will also participate in the «U12 International Football Tournament» organized by İzmir/Altınordu Club, with 72 teams participating, including some of the biggest teams in Europe such as Bayern Munich, Paris Saint German, Chelsea, Ajax, and Porto.

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