Collaborative Rescue Training Conducted by NTM and IMM for Disasters and Fires.

Disaster, Search and Rescue and Fire Brigade Training Completed in Nicosia

The Nicosia Turkish Municipality (NTM) has successfully completed the «Disaster, Search and Rescue and Fire Brigade Training» in cooperation with the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM). The training took place for three days and consisted of both theoretical information and practical field experience. The aim of the training was to prepare the NTM teams for emergency situations such as disasters and fires.

The training was given by the IMM Fire Brigade Department Fire Brigade Training Center and was conducted in the Central Nicosia amphitheater and the debris field provided by the TRNC Civil Defense Organization Presidency. The trainings covered topics including what to do in times of disaster, rescue techniques, and device usage.

The trainings were initially conducted with theoretical information and then practiced using the fire truck and search and rescue equipment belonging to IMM. The NTM teams were provided with comprehensive information, presentation, and application of topics such as Urban Search and Rescue, Injured Evacuation Methods, Underwreck Imaging Device Introduction, Seismic Listening Device Introduction, Urban Search and Rescue, Casualty Evacuation Types, Underwreck Imaging Device Introduction, Combustion Fire Information, LPG and Natural Gas Information, Hazards at the Fire Site, Core Introducing the Device, Separator and Cutter Power Units, Concrete, Metal and Wood Cutting Engines.

The trainings concluded with a ceremony where NTM President Mehmet Harmancı congratulated the NTM employees for their efforts and thanked the team from Istanbul for the comprehensive training they provided. The training is expected to increase the efficiency and preparedness of the NTM teams in emergency situations.

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