Crash in two different places!

According to the information given by the Police Press Officer, yesterday (06.04.2023) at 19:30, between the 2nd and 3rd kilometers of the Kaplıca-Mersinlik Highway, while he was traveling towards Mersinlik with the motorcycle with the license plate LJ 221 under the direction of Bedirhan ÖĞÜT (E-21). As a result of his carelessness, he hit a stray dog ​​that came out from the left side of the road to the main road. With the impact of the collision, the motorcycle with license plate LJ 221 was thrown forward, left the right side of the road and crashed into the bushes on the side of the road. While the stray dog ​​died as a result of the accident, the injured motorcycle driver Bedirhan ÖĞÜT was taken under observation in the surgical service due to the diagnosis of fractures in both legs after his treatment at the Famagusta State Hospital.

On the other hand, at around 00:30 today, on Fevzi Çakmak Boulevard in Famagusta, under the influence of Fezile BALÇINER (K-38) 232 milligrams of alcoholic drink, the hall with license plate DG 774 under the control of the vehicle, while driving towards the east, came to the junction of Polatpaşa Boulevard and said, «U They collided as a result of recklessly entering the right lane to make the turn, blocking the front of the vehicle with license plate ZPC 530 under the direction of İnan GÜNDOĞDU (E-31), which was traveling in the same direction on the right lane. No one was injured as a result of the accident. Fezile BALCINER, the driver of the vehicle with license plate DG 774, was arrested.

Police investigations into the accidents continue.


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A motorcycle accident occurred on the Kaplıca-Mersinlik Highway, where the driver Bedirhan ÖĞÜT hit a stray dog that came out from the left side of the road, resulting in fractures in both of his legs. The accident caused the motorcycle to leave the road and crash into the bushes. The stray dog died as a result of the accident. In another incident, Fezile BALÇINER, under the influence of alcohol, collided with a vehicle while making a turn, blocking the front of it. No one was injured, and Fezile BALÇINER was arrested. The police are currently investigating both accidents.

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