Cyber ​​attack on the websites of Israel’s leading universities

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According to the news of The Jerusalem Post, the websites of major universities in Israel were subjected to a cyber attack by a hacker group called «Anonymous Sudan».

Due to the attack, the websites of Tel Aviv University, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, University of Haifa, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel Open University and Reichman University cannot be accessed.

The group called «Anonymous Sudan» also claimed responsibility for the cyber attack on the websites of the said universities in Israel, in a statement on its Telegram account.

The statement said, «Infrastructure and universities … The education sector in Israel has been destroyed because of what it has done in Palestine.» expressions were used.

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Source Link: NTV/TRT

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A hacker group known as «Anonymous Sudan» has claimed responsibility for a cyber attack on the websites of several major universities in Israel, including Tel Aviv University and Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The attack has rendered the websites inaccessible to users. In a statement on their Telegram account, the group cited Israeli actions in Palestine as the reason for the attack, stating that the «education sector in Israel has been destroyed because of what it has done in Palestine.»

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