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Director Kemal Soğukdere made the documentary of ‘Champion Angels’

Director Kemal Soğukdere made a documentary about Champion Melekler.

Kemal Soğukdere, who came to the TRNC at the beginning of March, made interviews with 13 family members, 1 journalist, 1 Civil Defense search and rescue personnel and the President of the Cyprus Turkish Bar Association.

In the documentary, the families conveyed the difficult and painful days they experienced during and after the search and rescue efforts, and expressed their expectations for the punishment of those responsible in the next process.

The shooting of the team from Turkey and their work in the TRNC took 11 days.

Kemal Sogukdere was the editor and director of the documentary, and Harun Aykut was the assistant director.

It is possible to watch the documentary ‘Champion Angels Team’ on the youtube channel ’21 Minutes’.

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The article discusses a documentary made by Director Kemal Soğukdere about Champion Melekler, a search and rescue team. The documentary includes interviews with family members, a journalist, and the President of the Cyprus Turkish Bar Association. It shows the families’ difficult experiences during and after the search and rescue efforts and their expectations for those responsible to be punished. The shooting of the documentary took 11 days. The article provides information on the director and assistant director and mentions that the documentary can be watched on the ’21 Minutes’ YouTube channel.

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