«El-Sen Makes Urgent Call»

Electricity Authority Employees Union Urges People to Stop Trend

The Electricity Authority Employees Union (El-Sen) has issued a statement calling on the people to stop the trend that has been emerging in the country. El-Sen Secretary General Ahmet Tuğcu emphasized the need for the situation to be seriously evaluated and for urgent steps to be taken for the protection of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) and its existence.

He suggested that TRNC institutions and organizations, experts, and politicians from all fields should organize workshops, determine master plans, and make public decisions. Tuğcu stressed that it is time for the people to wake up from their slumber of negligence and stop the progress before it turns into an example of Palestine in our country.

Tuğcu’s concerns stem from the Public Procurement Amendment Law that will be passed by Parliament tomorrow, as well as the acquisition of property by foreigners and the granting of citizenship to foreigners. He argues that these developments could lead to the loss of control over our country and, as such, should be viewed with concern.

The statement issued by the El-Sen is a call to arms, urging people to take a stand against the trends that have been emerging in the country. It is hoped that this call will be heard and that steps will be taken to safeguard the TRNC’s existence and independence.

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