Emre Kocadağ: What happened today reminds of an operation

In the 27th week of Spor Toto Super League, Beşiktaş defeated Fenerbahçe with a score of 4-2 on the road.

After the match, Beşiktaş Vice President Emre Kocadağ made a statement to the press. Expressing that they got a good win even though there were only 10 people left, Kocadağ said, “It is pleasing for us to win with 10 people with 4 goals. Congratulations to the technical team and players. They fought fiercely. A gift to our entire community. We got a nice win in the evening of Ramadan,» he said.

Fenerbahce fans call for Ali Koç to resign

Fenerbahce fans call for Ali Koç to resign

“We turned down the operation against Beşiktaş with the struggle of our players”

Stating that manual intelligence is used in the appointment of referees, Kocadağ said, “There is a trademark in the appointment of the referee of this match at the beginning of the year. Artificial intelligence application was shelved. Appointed referee with manual intelligence. In the period when this artificial intelligence was presented, when we went to the federation, the referee with the highest score with the referee’s evaluation would be assigned to the most difficult match of that week. At the point we have reached today, Halil Umut Meler, who was appointed by manual intelligence without using artificial intelligence for one of the most important matches for this week and this match, and these VAR referees, who never change, are the decision makers against Beşiktaş in every Beşiktaş match. Again, they were not surprised. They put us in a game with these referees. We turned down the operation against Beşiktaş with the struggle of our players on the field,» he said.

“We gave the necessary answer to manual intelligence”

Referring to the decisions made regarding the teams withdrawn from the league, Emre Kocadağ made the following statements:

“A decision was taken regarding the reflection of the teams that had to withdraw from the leagues due to the earthquake experienced in the last 1 month. We have stated many times that the decision was not fair and did not comply with the conscience of the entire public. We’ve stated it many times. It was also discussed in the club union. There was a very serious public opinion about it. As of today, this public is conscientiously calling for justice. He says this decision needs to be reconsidered. This decision is unconscionable. It’s not a fair decision. Whatever happened today, the referee appointed a manual intelligence, the result of the match ended well for us, but everyone saw the second yellow cards without penalty given what happened. It is not on our minds. Let’s push Beşiktaş out of the race so they stop these rhetoric. We think that an operation was planned because it would not be beneficial to change the decision outside of the race. I don’t want to think about it, but I do. Beşiktaş fans, the sports community and the entire sports community also think about this, but we gave the necessary answer to manual intelligence today. We’ll give it again if needed. We give many more times. Beşiktaş is a big community. We will respond to those who want to interrupt them, where necessary, as necessary. We are happy today. We will look at the next matches. We will continue to press hard for the decisions taken by the unjust and unconscionable federation. We will continue to say this. There is a land here that does not fit the conscience of anyone who is interested in sports. We will again make the necessary applications to the federation regarding the change of this.”

“We will fight until the end of the year”

Expressing that they will fight to change the decision taken by the TFF regarding the teams withdrawn from the league, Emre Kocadağ said, “There are those who make declarations in the Clubs’ Association, there are clubs that change their minds. Unfortunately, everyone in the country is calling for justice, but when it comes to their own benefit, the scales of justice are confused. Some presidents took upright stances, even though they had their own drawbacks. It doesn’t matter how many clubs want it or not. The Federation will sit down and provide a fair solution to this issue. We do not expect points. By the end of the year, we will have traveled more than our competitors. We are looking for a solution to this injustice. Let them offer us a solution, we take that prescription and put it on our heads. This decision is not a solution. We will fight until the end of the year,” he said.

“It is incompetent to give the same referees to big matches over and over again”

Emphasizing that all clubs are united in the change of referees, Kocadağ said, “Our president had a call about referees. He said the referees need to change. At that time it was not accepted by anyone. Everyone said the referees had to come back. We have been bad. Today, all communities are united on this issue. Giving the same referees to big matches over and over again is incompetent,» he said.

“What happened today reminds of an operation”

Beşiktaş Vice President Emre Kocadağ, who added that they think an operation was taken against Beşiktaş, said, “What happened today reminds me of an operation. Today, we played a game where Beşiktaş was asked to go out of the race. If Beşiktaş had lost points here, other conversations would have no purpose. They may have thought that Beşiktaş would also shut up. Everyone’s justice is surprised, but divine justice is not. They are fighting with 10 people, the match that is said to be unplayable is being played,» he concluded by saying.

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Source Link: BRTK/CNN

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Beşiktaş Vice President Emre Kocadağ has accused the Turkish Football Federation of using manual intelligence in the appointment of referees and claimed that an “operation” was underway against the team during their 4-2 victory against Fenerbahçe. He added that they gave the required response to manual intelligence and will continue to pressurise the decisions taken by the “unjust and unconscionable” federation. Kocadağ also said that all clubs are coming together on this issue and that they will fight until the end of the year to change the federation’s ruling on the teams withdrawn from the league because of the recent İzmir earthquake.

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