Father of girl who painted anti-war painting in Russia was caught – Last Minute World News

Daughter was sent to the orphanage

The little girl was reported to the police by her teachers because of her painting «No to War, Long Live Ukraine». The father and daughter were detained after the authorities reported the official to the police.

Masha, who drew the picture, was placed in an orphanage because her mother was not alive. The father, who was placed under house arrest by the court, was sentenced to 2 years in prison last Tuesday on the grounds that his posts on social media damaged the reputation of the Russian army.


Moskalev, who did not attend the court due to house arrest, was notified of the decision, but Moskalev’s location could not be determined. Moskalev, who was determined to have fled the country as part of the search efforts initiated by the police, was caught and detained in Minsk, the capital of Belarus.

In the statement made by the Belarusian authorities, it was reported that Moskalev was arrested at the request of Russia.

The events drew great reaction from human rights defenders.

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Source Link: NTV/TRT

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This article reports on the imprisonment of a father and placement of his daughter in an orphanage in Russia. The daughter had painted a scene with the text «No to War, Long Live Ukraine», which led to her and her father’s detention and subsequent sentencing. The father, who was under house arrest, was sentenced to two years in prison for damaging the reputation of the Russian army on social media. The daughter was placed in an orphanage as her mother was not alive. The father was caught after attempting to flee the country and was arrested in Minsk, Belarus, at the request of Russia. The events have drawn criticism from human rights defenders.

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