Fight with stones and sticks between the families of the ‘engaged’ couple: There are injured

The incident occurred in the evening hours in Seyitler Mahallesi. Due to the engagement between a couple, the two families started hostility. Allegedly, the girl’s side wanted to engage the girl with someone else, after the engagement broke down a while ago. Hearing this, the male side wanted to talk to the girl side. The verbal argument that started between the two families grew into a fight with stones, sticks and knives.


During the fight, 5 members of the families were injured in various parts. Health and police teams were sent to the scene with the notification of the people around. While the injured were taken to the hospital by the medical teams after the first response, the police intervened in the fight with TOMA and tear gas to separate the parties. It was learned that there were arrests related to the incident.

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Source Link: NTV/TRT

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A fight broke out between the families of an engaged couple in Seyitler Mahallesi in the evening. The argument started when the girl’s family tried to engage her with someone else after the previous engagement was broken off. The boy’s family tried to talk to the girl’s family, which led to a verbal argument and turned into a fight with stones, sticks, and knives. Five people were injured in the fight and were taken to the hospital by medical teams. Police intervened in the fight with TOMA and tear gas to separate the parties, and several arrests were made.

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