Finland’s NATO membership approval is in the Swedish press – Breaking News

The opening of the path to NATO membership with the vote in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey received wide coverage in the Finnish press.

The country’s largest newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat, wrote that President Erdogan has 15 days to sign the law after the approval of the Turkish Grand National Assembly. It was emphasized that Sweden is still waiting for the approval of Türkiye and Hungary for membership.

Lapin Kansa newspaper wrote that the Turkish Grand National Assembly unanimously accepted Finland’s NATO membership. The news emphasized the words of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg that Finland’s participation would make the NATO family stronger and safer.

The Savon Sanomat newspaper wrote that Finland would soon become a member of NATO. In the news, it was stated that Finnish President Niinisto thanked the 30 member states of NATO after the vote in the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

Ilta Sanomat wrote that Finland’s membership will now turn its attention to threats that other NATO partners are concerned about. «This will bring us closer to the China debate in the years to come,» the report said. comment has been made.

Approval of Finland's NATO membership in the Swedish press - 2

In the Aamulehti newspaper, there was an assessment that Sweden’s lagging behind would be a mistake in the long run. It was emphasized that Finland had to do everything to ensure its neighbor’s entry into NATO.


The approval of Finland’s membership in the Turkish Grand National Assembly was also widely covered in the Swedish press. Aftonbladet newspaper said, “Türkiye said yes to Finland’s NATO membership.” threw off his headline.

“Sweden has still not received approval from either Hungary or Turkey. No date has been set for when the decision can be made.” it was said.

Expressen newspaper said, «Türkiye voted yes to Finland.» he wrote.

Thus, it was pointed out that Finland had all the votes required for membership in the defense alliance. «Sweden must continue to wait,» Sydsvenskan newspaper said. made statements.

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The Finnish press reports on Turkey’s approval of Finland’s NATO membership, with Helsingin Sanomat stressing that Sweden and Hungary are still awaiting approval for their own memberships. Lapin Kansa emphasizes NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg’s statement that Finland’s participation will strengthen the organization, while Savon Sanomat highlights President Niinisto’s gratitude to the 30 member states of NATO. Ilta Sanomat raises the issue of China as a future concern, while Aamulehti argues that Finland must work to bring Sweden into NATO. The Swedish press also covers the story, with Aftonbladet noting Turkey’s approval of Finland and Expressen stating that Sweden is still waiting. Sydsvenskan underlines that Finland now has the necessary votes for membership, but Sweden must continue to wait.

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