Foreign Ministry Sends Condolences to UAE

Dubai Tragedy: Fire in 5-Storey Building Leaves 16 Dead and 9 Injured

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has extended their condolences to the UAE after a fire incident claimed 16 lives and injured 9 people in Dubai. The incident happened in a 5-storey building in the Al-Ras district of the city on Friday, April 2nd.

According to reports, the fire broke out on the 4th floor of the building trapping a number of migrant workers. Four Indian and three Pakistani nationals were among the victims who lost their lives.

Officials have attributed non-compliance with safety regulations as the cause of the fire outbreak. Investigations are still ongoing to unravel the actual cause of the fire and how it spread through the building.

The Ministry in its statement prays for the repose of the souls of the departed and wished for a speedy recovery to the injured. The government assured the UAE of their support in the wake of the tragedy.

This latest incident highlights the importance of adhering to safety regulations in construction and maintenance works, particularly in a bustling metropolis like Dubai. Authorities must take cognizance of this and ensure that all necessary precautions are appropriately followed to avert future occurrences.

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