«Freezone 9th High School Music Competition Final Set for June 8th»

20 groups from 18 high schools will be competing in the final of the «Telsim Freezone 9th High School Music Competition» on June 8th. The competition, held in collaboration with the Ministry of National Education and Telsim, aims to encourage high school students to pursue their artistic talents and provides a professional environment for young people to express themselves through music.

The ranking of the competition was determined by drawing lots at a teachers’ meeting, where responsible music teachers provided ideas for the selection of the jury, while also reviewing the details of the final. The meeting was attended by General Secondary Education Department Director Cengiz Topel Uzun, Telsim Deputy General Director Fevzi Tanpınar, and responsible music teachers.

The High School Music Competition will feature seven awards, including «Best Orchestra,» «Best Performance,» «Best Girl Soloist,» «Best Male Soloist,» «Best Instrument Performance,» «Best Stage Performance,» and the «Kamran Aziz Special Award.» The final will take place at the Nicosia Atatürk Indoor Sports Hall.

18 schools will be represented at the competition, including 19 Mayıs Turkish Maarif College, 20 July Science High School, Atatürk Vocational High School, Değirmenlik High School, Famagusta Turkish Maarif College, Girne American College, Güzelyurt Mesek High School, Güzelyurt Turkish Maarif College, Kurtuluş High School, Lapta Yavuzlar High School, Lefke Gazi High School, Nicosia Turkish High School, Levent College, Namık Kemal High School, Polatpaşa High School, Sedat Simavi Industrial Vocational High School, Turkish Maarif College, and Near East College.

The High School Music Competition provides a platform for young talent to showcase their skills and gain recognition for their efforts. As the competition draws near, excitement and anticipation are building among the contestants and their supporters.

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