Giant rock nightmare in Maltepe – Last Minute Türkiye News

The pieces falling from the rocks in the slope area in Maltepe Başıbüyük are making the residents of the neighborhood uneasy.

Neighborhood resident Asiye Yüce said, «We have been here for 25-30 years. Sometimes they break the stones from here. The children cannot play outside. They fell in front of my house and throw them away. We told the municipality, we collected signatures, and Mr. Muhtar knows about it. The municipality needs to take care of it. Something needs to be done.» said.

Another resident said, «When it rolls, the children roll it down too.» he said.

Serafet Karaca, a resident of the neighborhood, said, «We have been here for 30 years. They say we will come and get these rocks. Nobody comes and takes them. Should they come and collect them after someone dies.» He found it on my site.

On the other hand, Karaca said that the stones damage the cars, «We do not know how effective it will be in an earthquake. It is dangerous, after all, it must be removed.» said.

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Residents of the Başıbüyük neighborhood in Maltepe are concerned about the rocks falling from the slope in the area, which pose a danger to their safety. According to neighborhood residents, they have been living with this issue for over 30 years, and despite notifying the municipality and authorities, no solution has been provided yet. They say that the falling rocks not only create hazards for the children who play outside but also damage the cars parked in the vicinity. The residents demand that the authorities take urgent action to resolve this issue and remove the dangerous rocks.

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