Have a nice day. Who is my Leylim? How old is Duygu Kose? In which TV series did Duygu Köse act?

Duygu Köse gives life to Leylim in the Beautiful Days series broadcast on SHOW TV. Duygu Köse attracted attention with the programs she participated in and the serials she took part in. Information about Duygu Köse, who wanted to act from an early age, is in our news…

Who is Duygu Kose?

Duygu Kose
Selma’s unique, unique sister Ley girl who fits no mold. She’s a dreamer like her sister. So much so that sometimes dreams and reality change places. His older sister enrolled him in taekwondo in Van. Leylim loved the jersey. He didn’t take it off that day. Red belt. He is often found strange, ostracized, bullied by his friends at his school in Istanbul. Leylim sometimes comes out with the help of Atakan and her family, sometimes her sister’s dreams and sometimes she never gets tired of dreaming.

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Duygu Köse is an actress who portrays Leylim in the television series Beautiful Days, which airs on SHOW TV. She has gained attention through her participation in various programs and TV serials. Köse has had a passion for acting since a young age, and her character in Beautiful Days is Selma’s unique and dreamy sister who often faces bullying and ostracism at school in Istanbul. Despite the challenges she faces, Leylim perseveres with the help of her family and her own dreams.

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