İnce: Kılıçdaroğlu’s visit was a visit for friends to see in shopping

The Chairman of the Country Party, Muharrem İnce, answered questions on the agenda in a television program he attended.

Evaluating the visit of the presidential candidate of the 6-party coalition, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, İnce said that he did not receive any offers:

“We were not invited to the Halil Ibrahim table, we were not invited to the room. But we were invited in front of the press. It was a visit for friends to see in shopping. ‘Look, I went to your feet, I put pressure’ visit to the public. The aim was not to agree, to persuade, if they had such a purpose, this would not be the last day. I leave this to the discretion of our nation.

You go, you talk to everyone, you talk to 17 parties, you leave Muharrem İnce for the last 24 hours. Your problem is not to negotiate, but to get gas in public, to put pressure on me.”

«May 14 will be the primary election»

Defending that everyone knows that the presidential election will go to the second round, İnce said, «We will not elect the president on May 14. We will choose the two candidates who will compete in two weeks. This will be a pre-election. I am asking our nation, do not think about the first round. This will go to the second round in any case. «Does Kılıçdaroğlu win easily against Erdoğan when he reaches the second round, or do I? If you ask me, I am much luckier than Kılıçdaroğlu,» he said.

To the question «Was there a plot against Kılıçdaroğlu in the prayer rug case», İnce replied, «Exactly. The 75-year-old man may not have noticed. How are you a party? You will notice there. There are people who plot against each other, their own children of the party».

«If I am elected President, there will be 13 councils and 13 ministers»

Ince said the following about the projects he will implement if he is elected President:

«If this nation elects me as president, I have a dream, I will establish an advisory council. There is an advisory board at the moment, but it consists only of former Speakers of Parliament, it is not a functional thing. I will establish an advisory council made up of gray-haired people. I will also announce the names I will suggest to them before the election. 40 names, 40’s Assembly.»

Indicating that he would gather the Presidency’s boards under a single roof if he was elected President, İnce said that he would reduce the number of ministries to 13.

«There is no alliance of principles, there is an alliance of interests»

İnce said that the 6-party coalition is not an alliance of principles, but an alliance of interests:

“There is no alliance of principles here, there is an alliance of interests. Nominate me for president, I’ll make you vice president. Such a country cannot be governed…”

İnce reminded that the 6-party coalition could not nominate candidates in 13 meetings:

“They don’t trust themselves, they don’t trust their candidates. Because what did Mr. Akşener say at the beginning? The candidate with the highest probability of winning said. In 13 meetings, they did not determine the candidate. Now they say, open our way, is it option a or option b, people say c, you can’t say c, you are a traitor if you say c.»

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Source Link: NTV/TRT

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Muharrem İnce, the Chairman of the Country Party, commented on the visit of the 6-party coalition’s presidential candidate Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, stating that he did not receive any offers and that the visit was not for agreement or persuasion. İnce also urged the public to focus on the primary election on May 14 rather than the first round of the presidential election, as he believes that the election will go to the second round. He also commented on projects he would implement if elected president, including establishing an advisory council and reducing the number of ministries to 13. İnce criticized the 6-party coalition’s alliance, stating that it is an alliance of interests rather than principles.

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