Israel blamed the Lebanese government and Hamas for the rockets

Israeli Army Spokesperson Avichay Adraee, in a statement on his Twitter account, stated that the responsibility for firing rockets into Israel from its own territory rests with the Lebanese government.

Noting that firing rockets at Israel is a dangerous event, Adraee said, «There is talk of a multilateral event, but the party responsible for the rockets is Hamas in Lebanon.» used the phrase.

Stating that they are also investigating whether Iran was involved in the incident, Adraee stated that the army is on full alert and the rate of destruction of rockets shows this vigilance.

In its previous statement, the Israeli army announced that 34 rockets were fired from Lebanese territory to the Western Galilee region in the north of Israel, 25 of which were destroyed by Israeli air defense systems, and at least 5 rockets fell on Israeli territory.

The Israeli army had hit the south of Lebanon with artillery.

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Source Link: NTV/TRT

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The Israeli Army has blamed the Lebanese government for the recent rocket attacks on Israel, stating that the responsibility for firing rockets from its territory lies with them. The army spokesperson said that while there are talks of a multilateral event, Hamas in Lebanon must be held responsible for the incident. The army is investigating whether Iran had any involvement in the attack. 34 rockets were fired from Lebanese territory, and at least 5 of them landed on Israeli soil. Israeli air defense systems destroyed 25 rockets, and in response, the Israeli army hit the south of Lebanon with artillery.

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