It turned out that he was quietly divorced! After her divorce, Zahide Yetiş preferred Istanbul instead of Istanbul.

Zahide Yetiş, who made a name for herself with her programs broadcast in the daytime generation, was the guest of the 360 ​​Degree program with Gökay Kalaycıoğlu. The confession of the server Zahide Yetiş about her private life shook the social media.

It was revealed that Yetiş, who was married to Cem Arısoy in 2014 and has a son named Aras, got divorced.


Talking about the divorce process after Gökay Kalaycıoğlu said, «You have a completely different path with Aras,» Zahide Yetiş said, «We have always opened new pages with Aras. Life can take you to other places and you continue to exist wherever it takes you. This is very special for us. «It’s been a year. I have a house in Istanbul, but I spend most of my time at home in Izmir. We continue our lives with my son. Our dialogue with his father and grandmother continues,» he said.


While Zahide Yetiş prefers not to give details about her divorce, her preference for her house in Izmir instead of Istanbul is also «Does she leave the city?» It gave rise to questions.


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Source Link: NTV/Mynet

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Zahide Yetiş, a well-known daytime television program host, recently revealed during an interview on the 360 Degree program with Gökay Kalaycıoğlu that she had divorced her husband, Cem Arısoy. The details of their separation were not discussed, but Yetiş did reveal that she spends most of her time at her home in Izmir with their son, Aras. The news has caused a stir on social media, with fans and followers wondering about the reasons behind the divorce and Yetiş’s decision to live in a different city than Istanbul.

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