Italian traveler aiming to walk to China is ready for the second leg of his journey

73-year-old Italian traveler planning to reach China on foot from Italy Vienna Cammoratatalked about the first part of his trip, his impressions of Turkey, which he visited during this time, and the next part of his trip.

Explaining that he started his tour from Venice, the city of the famous traveler Marco Polo, who inspired his trip on April 26, 2022, Cammorata said, «The first part of my trip took 8 months, including Georgia. First I passed through Slovenia and Croatia, then Serbia, Bulgaria and Turkey. I came,” he said.


Cammorata stated that he likened Turkey to the city of Naples, which he loved very much, «Here, I must say that as soon as I came to Turkey, I compared it to Naples and said ‘like Naples’. Of course, I don’t mean it in a bad way, on the contrary, I love Naples very much. «It’s a wonderful, fascinating place,» he said.

Cammorata, who also visited the archaeological ruins in the countries he traveled on foot, said, «I started my trip in Turkey from Izmir and its surroundings. I visited Ephesus, an important archaeological center, from there I went to Pamukkale. I also went to Cappadocia. My intention is actually in the middle of Turkey. «I didn’t want to go to Ankara, but to go to Ankara was among my goals. Because I wanted to visit Anıtkabir, Atatürk’s mausoleum, and I did it. I signed the electronic registry book,» he said.

When asked if he had an interesting moment or experience on the Turkey leg of his trip, Cammorata said:

«When I was in Turkey, I did not encounter any difficulties. When they saw me or when I asked something, the first thing they asked me was ‘coffee or tea’. It was a situation where I had to choose. Once I lost my way and asked, two people were arguing, I approached them and I asked the way. They said to me, ‘Sit down first. What do you want? Coffee or tea? Then we’ll take you to your destination.’ The Turks were very hospitable.»

When asked what he liked best among the things he ate in Turkey, the Italian traveler replied, «Fish and bread. It was one of the first things I ate. It was wonderful.»

Vienna Cammorata told that in the first part of his trip, there were moments when he could not understand completely due to language problems in Georgia, but it still went well.


Explaining that he had to complete the first part of his tour at the Georgia-Azerbaijan border, which he had reached in 8 months, the Italian traveler said, «I want to start my tour again. I cannot start the second leg of my trip back from Georgia because Azerbaijan does not allow me to cross the border by land. I also talked to the Azerbaijani Embassy. To Baku. «I have to go by plane from here until now. I will visit Baku, then I will cross the Caspian Sea and go to Turkmenistan,» he said.

In the second part of his trip, Cammorata explained that his main intention was to go through Iran, but the Iranian Embassy did not respond to this request, and continued as follows:

«I have programmed to be in Kyrgyzstan in the winter and I will wait for the winter to pass. Then I plan to be on the Chinese border in 2025. In China, I will go to Beijing after visiting Xi’an and the whole south side. My intention is to go to Mongolia from Beijing as well.»

When asked when he will start the second part of his tour, Cammorata replied, «I’m ready to start the second leg of my trip, but I’m waiting for the Italian bureaucracy. I’m waiting for my passport, it’s not out yet.»

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Source Link: NTV/CNN

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Vienna Cammorata, a 73-year-old Italian traveler, has completed the first part of his journey from Italy to China on foot, which took him 8 months, including Georgia. He described his experiences in Turkey as being comparable to the city of Naples, which he loves very much, and praised the hospitality of the Turkish people he encountered. Cammorata plans to start the second leg of his trip from Azerbaijan, as he cannot cross the border from Georgia, and aims to reach China in 2025 after passing through Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Iran, and Mongolia. His journey is inspired by the famous traveler Marco Polo, who also traveled from Italy to China centuries ago.

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