«John Wick 4» Made Over $150 Million In One Week! – News

The film, which left behind the 150 million dollar mark at the global box office, continues to grow rapidly.


«John Wick 4», which broke the series record with its opening revenue, continues to grow rapidly at the box office. The film grossed $157 million at the global box office in the first week of its release due to the general excitement and positive comments about it.

In other words, the fourth film has already surpassed the $86 million worldwide earnings of the 2014 first film of the series. At this rate, it’s only a matter of time before «John Wick 2» exceeds the total gross of 171 million dollars.

While the earnings of each movie in the series increased exponentially, «John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum» earned $327 million at the global box office and set the bar quite high. «John Wick 4» was thought to make $300 million at the US box office alone.

The rapid rise of the movie leaves no doubts about the third movie’s overtaking. However, it is a matter of great curiosity what the total revenue will be. The commercial success of «John Wick 4» is expected to be super-sized, with a budget of $100 million, a duration of 169 minutes, and action scenes that are much more intense than previous films.

«John Wicl 4» has also become one of the long-running but box-office hits we’ve seen in recent years. Studios often shy away from long films because this reduces the number of screenings that can fit in a day. However, in recent years, we have watched a few productions such as «Avatar 2» and «The Batman» that were long-running and high-budget, but very successful at the box office. We can now easily include «John Wick 4» in this list.

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«John Wick 4» has exceeded expectations with its rapid growth at the global box office, grossing $157 million in its first week. The film has already surpassed the earnings of the first film in the series and is on track to surpass «John Wick 2» soon. The commercial success of «John Wick 4» is expected to be even greater due to its $100 million budget and intense action scenes. Despite its lengthy duration of 169 minutes, the film has still been a box office hit and can be added to the list of successful long-running films such as «Avatar 2» and «The Batman.»

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