Keith Coveney, the new head coach of the Golf National Team, took office

The experienced coach met with the athletes who are in the national team candidate squad at the camp held at TGF Silivri Golf Course and which will last for 4 days. In the camp, where Coveney works, there are 26 athletes, in addition to the national team assistant head coach Gencer Özcan and trainers İhsan Gencay Asan and Begüm Yılmaz.

Covoney, who specializes in 3D Fluid Swing Biomechanics, TPI Expert and Trackman Golf systems, which is effective in world golf, and has a German Golf Association C license, will work to improve the playing and field skills of the crescent-star players, and to combine their physical abilities with their mental functions.

Coveney: There are too many talented athletes in Turkey

After meeting the national athletes, Coveney made statements to the press.

The 54-year-old head coach stated that he will apply the technological systems he specializes in on players in Turkey.

«This will be very beneficial for the players. We will see its benefits in the future. There are many talented athletes in Turkey. Only a few touches are needed. We will achieve this together.»

Coveney mentioned that Turkey is at the top level in terms of pitches.

«Turkey has world-class courses, especially in Istanbul and Belek. You also have a young population who is very interested in golf. Therefore, Turkey’s luck is both the season and the positive perspective of Turkish youth on golf.»

Keith Coveney talked about his goals for the national team.

«With the work I will do, I plan to raise a few players in our national team to the level of the European Tour. We will get the reward of our efforts by achieving this.»

Expressing that they will also attach importance to the development of coaches, the experienced coach said, «Golf development will come from the quality of the coach. I think that if we complete the coach development, the younger players from the bottom will develop better.» he concluded his speech.

Keith Coveney, the new head coach of the Golf National Team, took office

Gencer Özcan: Our teacher is very experienced

National Team Assistant Head Coach Gencer Özcan said that Keith Coveney will make important contributions to Turkish golf. Özcan emphasized Coveney’s experience.

«Our coach is a very experienced coach. Irish golf has proven itself many times around the world. I think Keith Coveney will make a positive contribution to our national team in all age categories.»

National team coach İhsan Gencay Asan stated that they will benefit from Coveney’s experience as a technical team.

«In his absence, we will follow the development of our athletes here. It is a good opportunity for Turkish golf. Golf is a sport that was born and grew up in Scotland, Ireland and England. These countries still shape the world golf as a school. I hope we will achieve success in Turkey with Keith as well. «

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Source Link: NTV/TRT

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Keith Coveney, a coach specializing in 3D Fluid Swing Biomechanics, TPI Expert, and Trackman Golf systems, has taken charge as the new head coach of Turkey’s Golf National Team. During the recent 4-day camp held at TGF Silivri Golf Course, Coveney discussed his plans to combine the physical and mental abilities of the athletes in the national team squad. He also expressed his belief that Turkey has many talented athletes who only need a few touches to elevate their playing skills to the European Tour level. Coveney’s experience and expertise have been welcomed by the national team’s assistant head coach Gencer Özcan, who believes that the new head coach will make important contributions to Turkish golf. National team coach İhsan Gencay Asan has also expressed hope for success in Turkey with Coveney.

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