Kübra Doğru Ünlü wrote! The «Love» story of people from different neighborhoods is in the «Farewell Letter»!

The Farewell Letter, which entered the television series competition with the wonderful love story of handsome Mehmet, who grew up in a traditionalist religious family, and Aslı, who has just turned 18 and came from a secular lifestyle, proved its maturity with its first episode.

A second love story, which conflicted the script within itself, was also experienced between the parents of the couple. The biggest element that makes the series stand out is exactly where it invests.

The series includes young people from religious and secular families; when it comes to their marriage, it reflects the social realities they live in. At the same time, the unfinished love stories of the young couple’s parents in the past combine on the pressures of the neighborhood.

When the religious lyrical discourses from the «Nothing» education, which tells about «Love», were added to these two elements that make the Farewell Letter attractive and watchable, the series succeeded in connecting people from all walks of life with its stories in a short time.

His Kalam; The character of Ziya in the series, which is trying to convey with his pen, has already taken a place in the hearts of many people in this sense. The couplets he adds to his laconic words from time to time are quite impressive. For example, Fuzuli Beyti, which he gave to his bride last week, was at the top of the social media agenda.

I think that Ziya Bey, who comes from a traditionalist religious family and fell in love with the bride’s mother in his youth, tries to convey «love» with «Love», which is a first in TV series stories.

On the other hand, Ziya Bey’s wife, Seher, portrays the woman who lived the realities of life through tradition and necessities, with imperative moods, and who loved but was not loved in all its chaos.

It is articulated in the womanly skirmishes of the love story between the bride’s mother and her husband. For example, the dialogues of the ‘Mukabele Aunts’ in the fifth chapter; It was conveyed with satirical references to women’s organizations, not women’s homeland, but their wolf. Such dialogues, elaborated in each episode, also reveal the realities of the women of the neighborhoods.

The magnificent cast, which makes the characters almost real, is another main element that makes the series watchable. Nurgül Yeşilçay, Bennu Yıldırımlar, Selim Bayraktar, as well as young actors who enthroned hearts, reflecting the wonderful moments that create wonders in each episode to the audience as if they were right next to you…

Without missing too much, I think you should start watching Kanal D’s Veda Letter, the series of Kanal D that keeps viewers from all walks of life together, makes you think, makes you question, makes you smile, and is quoted from a true story. Maybe your story is hidden in this series…

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Source Link: BRTK/CNN

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The article discusses the success of a Turkish TV series called «The Farewell Letter», which tells the love story of a young couple from different backgrounds, one from a traditionalist religious family and the other from a secular lifestyle. The series also portrays the unfinished love stories of the couple’s parents in the past, and how their neighborhood’s pressures affect their lives. The article praises the series for its realistic portrayal of social issues and the impressive performances of its cast. The character of Ziya, who tries to convey «love» with «Love», is also highlighted as a unique addition to TV series stories. The article ends by recommending the series to viewers from all walks of life.

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