MHP candidate list will be presented to Bahçeli today

MHP Deputy Chairman Semih Yalçın made a written statement about the ongoing work of his Party’s Parliamentary Candidate Evaluation and Determination Commission.

Yalçın stated that the commission accelerated its work after the applications for candidate candidates for parliamentary candidates ended on March 21.

«The commission has carefully examined whether the candidates for parliamentary candidates have the necessary legal and professional norms in various matters, especially their educational status and criminal record. The quality of the final list of candidates that it will present to the nation’s discretion in the General Elections is of great importance in the context of the historical task undertaken by our party.The commission, which works hard with this responsibility, scrutinizes it closely in order to prepare a clear list covering all provinces among the candidates, all of which are more valuable than the other. «


Emphasizing that in addition to the legal requirements, the measures of fairness and merit are also taken into account during the work of the commission, Yalçın gave the following information:

«The temporary candidate list to be prepared by our commission will be presented to our Chairman, Mr. Devlet Bahçeli today. The final candidate list will be announced to the public on April 7 and will be submitted to the YSK on the same day. A remarkable increase has been observed compared to the General Elections. The said increase is a manifestation of the interest, concern and trust shown to our party by the country lovers who want to take sides with the MHP in the race to serve our nation.»


Yalçın stated that the themed meeting and talk programs such as «Step by Step 2023», «How are you, my neighbor?», «Have a Blessed Day with the Ahis» and «My Village», which were implemented within the election activities of the MHP, continue as follows:

«Iftar meals with the theme of ‘Unity of Hearts at the Blessing Table’ will continue in the regions where earthquake victims live or migrate, especially in 11 provinces affected by the earthquake in Kahramanmaraş. , in the direction that the expectations for the future from the MHP, which is the address of stability and consistency in politics, are higher than ever.

In the face of the spiral of betrayal that Turkey is trying to bring down with the help of the disgrace alliance and the threat of survival posed to our existence by international actors who support the same political circles abroad; Evaluations such as ‘MHP means the state’, ‘Our hope is in the MHP’, ‘MHP and the People’s Alliance are the insurance of our unity and resilience’ are frequently spoken among the people. This general trend, which is reflected from the field and is a driving force for us; It is a confirmation that our party is seen as the most unwavering and determined representative of the ‘state-i-forever’ understanding on the political scene.»

Yalçın stated that the increasing goodwill towards their parties in the eyes of the nation increases the motivation of their organizations and members, and said, «The cohesion, embrace and solidarity experienced with almost every segment of the society during the field activities of the MHP and the People’s Alliance already gives the signs of the rise in the ballot box on May 14. » made its assessment.

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The Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) has announced that it will present its candidate list to its leader Devlet Bahçeli today, with the final list being revealed to the public on 7 April, ahead of the 14 May General Election. MHP Deputy Chairman, Semih Yalçın, who heads up the Parliamentary Candidate Evaluation and Determination Commission, said in a recent statement that the quality of the final list presented to the nation’s discretion in the General Election is of great importance in the context of the historical task undertaken by the party. Yalçın suggested that a “remarkable increase” had been observed in the number of applications compared to the General Election in 2015.

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