Minister Akar Announces: Citizens Can Visit TCG Anadolu in Istanbul Starting Tomorrow

AK Party nominee for Kayseri deputy, Akar, recently visited Sarıoğlan and Akkışla districts to meet with citizens. During his visit, Akar was greeted with slogans such as «Conqueror of Azerbaijan» in Sarıoğlan and had conversations with various citizens. The Kayseri nominee then visited Akkışla and had a fast-breaking dinner with the families of martyrs, veterans, and citizens at the Turkmen House.

Addressing the crowds, Akar explained that they are working intensively under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to make Turkey a great and powerful nation. One of their primary objectives is to maintain security to ensure comfortable and peaceful living for the country’s 85 million people. Akar emphasized that they are taking every necessary action to eradicate the terror scourge that has plagued the nation for 40 years.

Akar also expressed that Turkey’s borders are safe and living the safest period in the history of the Republic. He noted that they are utilizing advanced technology methods and modular walls to protect the country’s borders effectively.

Regarding the domestic and national defense industry, Akar stated that significant advancement has been made in the last 20 years. Currently, Turkey manufactures light weapons, armored vehicles, ships, and helicopters using domestic resources. Furthermore, Turkey is now producing and exporting UAVs/SİHAs/TİHAs, whereas it couldn’t purchase a single SİHA from abroad years back, despite paying for it. Akar emphasized that Turkey’s successful activities in the defense industry continue, and one of the examples of this is TCG Anadolu.

TCG Anadolu, being a great power for friendly and brotherly countries during both crises and peace times, has been handed over to the Naval Forces Command, and it will be open to visit from 17th to 23rd April in Istanbul’s Sarayburnu. Citizens can tour TCG Anadolu and observe the power of the Turkish Armed Forces.

The speech of Akar was well received, and the crowd chanted slogans such as «May God bless you» and «Turkey is proud of you». Akar replied that they are proud of the citizens too.

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