Minister Çavuşoğlu: Türkiye is not just a regional power, it is a global actor

Foreign Minister Çavuşoğlu met with fellow countrymen’s associations at the iftar program he attended in Sakarya. Speaking in the program, Çavuşoğlu stated that all the means of the state were expeditions in the region in the earthquake that was the disaster of the century. Speaking about the election that will take place on 14 May, Çavuşoğlu said that the coalition would drag the country into chaos.

“The earthquake that occurred on February 6 is the biggest disaster in our history”

Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said, “Unfortunately, we are having a sad Ramadan. The earthquake that occurred on February 6 is the biggest disaster in our history. It is one of the biggest natural disasters not only in the century but also in the history of humanity. When I went to the earthquake area, I saw a lot of vehicles with 54 plates, there is almost a mobilization. Indeed, you are the ones who understand the region best. In the 1999 earthquake, I was in Sakarya, the conditions were different. But today’s conditions, together with our state and our nation, we became one with our earthquake victims in our cities from the very first hours. It was very early in the morning when I got up, I checked the phone, it was the earthquake. Then I turned on the television and all our ministers were in the region, especially our Minister of Interior, Minister of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change. We immediately went to AFAD headquarters, all our institutions were there, we worked hand in hand, day and night. We stood by our earthquake survivors. But now we have a goal, it is our President’s promise to do better, build stronger, more environmentally friendly and more beautiful cities. All our friends are working day and night with the instruction of our President. Hopefully, within a year, we will get our cities back on their feet,» he said.

“Next election is a turning point for Türkiye”

Emphasizing the elections, Minister Çavuşoğlu said, “Yes, we have an election ahead of us, an important election. An important election in terms of the reflection of the will of the people. Who will rule our nation, state and nation? Who will serve determines with their own free will, our citizens abroad now contribute to the administration in Turkey, that is, who will govern through elections. I traveled around the New York area, the New Jersey area. Our citizens there are much more excited than we are about the elections in Turkey. Because they are the best ones to compare the point Turkey has reached in the last 20 years. Sometimes we can’t see it because we live in it, and sometimes we don’t want to see it. In other words, there are those who do not want to see. Our citizens living in that country see much better how Turkey’s reputation has increased. The upcoming election is a turning point for Türkiye. With its achievements in the last 20 years, Turkey has covered a significant distance to reach the level of contemporary civilizations targeted by Atatürk and above it,» he said.

“Türkiye is not just a regional power, it is a global actor”

Referring to the points Turkey has reached, Çavuşoğlu said, “Today, Turkey is not just a regional power, it is a global actor and wherever there is an issue in the world, Turkey is definitely there. Look at the humanitarian aid, here is a solidarity diplomacy in the earthquake we experienced. 11,320 search and rescue teams from 90 countries came to Turkey. 3 days later, I attended the least developed countries meeting in nature. The richest and poorest countries in the world are competing with each other for solidarity with Turkey. Of course, the size of the earthquake has an effect on this. But the main point is that Turkey has been the first country to come to the aid of the oppressed for years, wherever there has been a disaster. We are the first in the world in humanitarian aid according to national income. But humanitarian aid is not enough. We are among the top three countries in the world in terms of national income in development aid. Here you see the payoff. Wherever there is a problem, Türkiye is working day and night to find a solution to that problem. Which country made a real effort for peace in the Ukraine War? Is there any country other than Turkey? Everyone has their own agenda, what is the event that you call the United Nations Secretary General’s greatest achievement of my life today? Istanbul is the grain agreement. The Secretary General is a very good person, our friend, the United Nations is the umbrella organization of the world. Without the United Nations and the Secretary General of Turkey, without Recep Tayyip Erdogan, could he have signed this agreement? So what’s the reason for this? Why can’t there be countries that are stronger than us, we are doing it. It’s a matter of trust. It is a matter of stability, a matter of respect,” he said.

“Turkey’s first century has been successfully completed, but this is not enough”

Stating that Turkey is advancing in the direction of its goals, Çavuşoğlu said, “Could this be a coincidence, Turkey is the only country that co-chairs the mediation group for peace in the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation? Again, in a research conducted by the central bank, our exports increased by at least thirty percent in places where our diplomatic missions were opened. Because economic diplomacy. We are making so much effort, there are wars, there are crises, it’s true. Sixty percent of conflicts are around us. Sixty percent of the crises are around us, including Afghanistan. That’s why we have to ask for an entrepreneurial and humane foreign policy. We have to make an effort to resolve them, but with these crises there are opportunities. We need to use these opportunities very well for the benefit of our country and our region, especially for the benefit of our nation. The energy crisis is unfortunately a reflection, now the energy resources will hopefully be connected to the Sakarya basin with the natural gas that will come from its parcel, it will enter the system soon, but this is just the beginning, but we are still importing. As a country that imports ninety percent of the eighty percent that our energy needs, how do we become the most important actor in energy? Turkey’s first century has been successfully completed with what we have done in the last twenty years, but this is not enough. You have to make the second century of Turkey the century of Turkey, the Turkish century, the century of the Turkish world,» he said.

“Taking Turkey back to the old coalition days means bringing chaos to Turkey”

Noting that the coalitions dragged the country into chaos, Minister Çavuşoğlu said, “It means an independent state and nation. We need to work hard to make Turkey’s second century the century of Turkey, all with a vision, a belief, a dedication and working day and night. That’s why the People’s Alliance is getting stronger and stronger. Nothing will come to Turkey from the tables of seven, no good will come. Let’s just say their intentions are perfectly fine. Taking Turkey back to the old coalition days means bringing chaos to Turkey. In the past, all of us voted, worked, became a member before the AK Party was founded, there were parties, governments were formed, there are good and bad. But the system itself is wrong. In the meantime, we celebrate the centennial of our republic, but we celebrate the 500th anniversary of the foundation of our foreign ministry and the establishment of the reisulküttap. Today, everyone in Europe says, ‘France says elections every five years, semi-presidential system’, this system does not work even in the best countries today. During my ministry, the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, whom I have worked with so far, was either the eighth or the ninth, so those people in an average year are not bad people either. No matter how well-intentioned the coalitions are, this system will not work. But you know better than me whether he has good intentions or not. How is it that all terrorist organizations support this table of seven at the same time? Could this be a coincidence? We also knew that these sevens tables had sevens from the very beginning. We also know that they showed some of their Ambassadors the text they produced after each meeting and had them read it. Our Minister of Interior has also announced in the past. In other words, the handing over of Turkey to this table of seven means that Turkey will fall into the hands of different powers. What do you mean, we will get the FETO members out of jail and get them back to work? Are we going to hand over these terrorists, who bombed the parliament and the people who bombed the complex, with tanks, again? But the purpose of these is who is making them? We said before the local elections, HDP means PKK”.

“We have no fear of the election”

Speaking about the election that will take place on 14 May, Çavuşoğlu said, “The next election will be a turning point for Turkey in all respects. So that’s what we’re saying. We are not afraid of the election. But our nation also needs to know who will do what with what intention and in a transparent way, we are putting forward a vision as the People’s Alliance. Well, did you see that this table of seven put forward a vision? Like the old politicians, “I promise” he said so in our childhood. I have been in politics for twenty years. In other words, it has been like this once, twice at a very important point, but I promise you that you never do politics. What do you promise? You have no policy, no vision. What will you do for the country? Have you ever heard anything else that says, ‘We will ask for account, we will destroy, we will burn, we will stop, we will sell’? Who are you asking about? There is the judiciary in the country, there is the law. Everyone is equal before the law. Whoever has to give an account also gives an account. In whom do you threaten us? Are you threatening the agha by trusting their father? These folks saw what you did on July 15 against your great fathers. After all, they are of no use to this country. No alliance, no initiative, no step built on hatred will lead to results. It will not take them, nor will it take our nation. But our vision is clear. We will work for our country, for our nation,» he said.

“Islam is one of the biggest problems in the world”

Drawing attention to Islamophobia, Minister Çavuşoğlu said, “Today, one of the biggest problems in the world is Islamophobia and racism. It is we who are fighting against it. Why are these perverted people insulting the Quran and your holy book in other places in Denmark, while they are doing it in front of the Turkish embassy? From where? Because they also know this fact. Both the Holy Quran and our glorious flag at the same time. There is a reason for this. Hopefully this will be over on May 14. In the first round, our President will be re-elected as president with your strong votes. As the People’s Alliance, we will work harder and work harder to develop our country and our nation, and I hope that the upbringing of the Turkish world will have started in real terms,» ​​he said.

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Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu spoke at an iftar program in Sakarya, where he addressed the recent earthquake and the upcoming election. He praised the state’s response to the disaster and emphasized the importance of rebuilding stronger and more environmentally friendly cities. Çavuşoğlu also called the May 14 election a turning point for the country and warned against the chaos that he believes a coalition government would bring. He touted Turkey’s global role and highlighted its humanitarian aid efforts. He urged a continuation of Turkey’s progress and rejected the idea of returning to coalition governments, which he said would bring chaos.

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