Miraculous baby rescued 128 hours after the wreckage reunited with his mother – Last Minute Turkey News

The 3.5-month-old baby, who was caught in Hatay due to the earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş, was pulled out of the rubble 128 hours later.

Yasemin Begdaş, the mother of the baby, whom the nurses named ‘Mystery’, was saved alive, while her father and 2 brothers lost their lives.

Gizem doll was taken into custody at Adana City Hospital after the first intervention was made after she was pulled out of the wreckage.

Gizem baby, who was determined to have no health problems, was taken into institutional care. The Gizem doll, which was later brought to Ankara by the Presidential plane, was placed in the ministry’s institution after the controls at the Etlik City Hospital.


The reports received within the scope of the studies initiated by the Ministry of Family and Social Services to find unaccompanied children were evaluated. After the examinations, the family was contacted. It was determined that the DNA sample taken from the family and the baby was compatible. In this direction, Gizem doll was taken to Adana by private plane from Ankara. Minister Derya Yanık welcomed the baby mystery in Adana. Minister Yanık delivered the baby to mother Yasemin Begdaş, who was being treated at Adana City Hospital.


Minister Yanık said that they ensured that the mother and baby were reunited after 54 days, and said, «The baby Gizem, who was found 128 hours after the wreckage by the search and rescue teams, is truly a miracle. His survival and the fact that he did not have any health problems impressed us all. After the first examinations were made in our Adana City Hospital, we became Gizem» We accepted the establishment of our ministry in Ankara.” said.


Minister Yanık, who stated that as a result of the DNA test conducted within the framework of the search for the families of the unaccompanied children, determined that his mother was Yasemin Begdaş and that they started to work on the reunion of the baby with his family, Minister Yanık said, «His mother is still being treated. There is no problem in her general health condition. After she recovers, Gizem is now in her mother’s custody. But Gizem is now our baby too. As the Ministry of Family and Social Services, our support will always be with Gizem. Reuniting a mother with her child is one of the most precious things in the world. It was really meaningful for us to share that happiness, too. I wish and hope that May Allah grant them a long and happy life and never be separated from each other again. used his statements.

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Source Link: CNN/NTV

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A 3.5-month-old baby named Gizem, or «Mystery» in English, was rescued from the rubble after being trapped for 128 hours due to earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş, Turkey. Gizem’s father and two brothers died in the tragedy. The baby was found to have no health problems and was placed in institutional care before being reunited with its mother, Yasemin Begdaş, 54 days later. The Ministry of Family and Social Services identified the family through DNA tests and transported Gizem to Adana by private plane. Minister Derya Yanık delivered the baby to its mother, who was being treated at Adana City Hospital. Minister Yanık stated that «reuniting a mother with her child is one of the most precious things in the world,» and the Ministry of Family and Social Services will continue to support baby Gizem.

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