Monastery tension in Kiev moved to court

Tensions are escalating in the Kiev Pechersk Monastery, which is of great importance for the Russian Orthodox in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Despite the Ukrainian administration’s order to evacuate, the community and priests took the case to court. While rituals are being held in the monastery, Ukrainian nationalists are demonstrating by chanting slogans. Journalist Deniz Berktay conveyed the latest situation.

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Source Link: NTV/TRT

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The Kiev Pechersk Monastery, a significant religious site for the Russian Orthodox community in Kiev, Ukraine, is currently facing escalating tensions. Despite the Ukrainian government’s demand to evacuate the area, the community and priests have brought the case to court. Meanwhile, Ukrainian nationalists are protesting outside the monastery by chanting slogans, despite ongoing rituals inside. Journalist Deniz Berktay reports on the current situation.

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