Muhammet Kürşat with Down syndrome works to reach the «top»

Muhammet Kürşat, who is the eldest of the 3 children of the Soytürk family, has been interested in swimming, athletics and archery since the age of 6, with the guidance of his family.

Soytürk, who followed the training of his brother, who received judo training, with his mother, became an athlete of the Akçaabat Municipality Sports Club, with the support of trainer Bayram Çelik, upon his interest in this sport.

Muhammet Kürşat, who has been interested in judo for about 8 years, continues his work as the only athlete with down syndrome in the club, which has 350 athletes in total.

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Soytürk, who participates in training 5 days a week, aims to represent Turkey in international competitions. 16-year-old Muhammet Kürşat Soytürk said that he started judo with his brother when he was a child.

Stating that he developed thanks to sports, Soytürk said that he made a lot of effort to be successful in judo and that he wanted to be the champion in Turkey and international organizations.

Father Fahri Soytürk, on the other hand, stated that since the day he learned that he has Down syndrome, he has been participating in various sports and social activities.

«They recommended Kürşat to be with people, they said that the more you fill it like a white paper, the more you can get. We tried to do what we could in terms of both health and socialization. We met with Bayram teacher and worked professionally in judo.»

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His friends don’t make Kürşat feel different.

Soytürk noted that his son loves judo. Soytürk gave advice to families.

«When he is successful, he is very happy, it makes us happy, too. His friends also love him, they take special care of him without making him feel that he is different. He also goes with pleasure. We should not leave our children away from social life, and we should support them by guiding them according to their interests. Our state also has very good support in this regard.”

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«Kürşat brought joy to the team»

Judo coach Bayram Celik said that he received documents to train special athletes such as Muhammet Kürşat.

Çelik said that Kürşat brought joy to the team.

«Over time, he understood the techniques we wanted him to do better than other children, he was doing whatever we wanted. Kürşat came to spend his free time, but as time passed, he started to get better at this job. A branch on down syndrome patients was opened in Turkey in judo. One month before the Kovid-19 epidemic, Turkey «He came in second in the championship. He participated in the competition at the age of 13 in Ankara and competed with the older ones, winning 3 of the 4 matches. But the world championship was canceled due to the epidemic, and Kürşat could not go.»

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Çelik stated that Muhammet Kürşat Soytürk is preparing for the Turkish championship.

«Children like this should not be kept at home. We can direct them to all branches in sports halls. Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports is doing good work for children.»

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Muhammet Kürşat Soytürk, a 16-year-old with Down syndrome, has become a successful athlete in the sport of judo in Turkey. Soytürk has been interested in athletics since the age of six and was introduced to judo by his brother who also practiced the sport. He is currently the only athlete with Down syndrome on the Akçaabat Municipality Sports Club team, which has 350 athletes in total. Soytürk has been practicing judo for about 8 years and trains 5 days a week with the goal of representing Turkey in international competitions. His father, Fahri Soytürk, noted that Muhammet Kürşat Soytürk’s friends on the team take special care of him and do not make him feel different. Judo coach Bayram Celik also stated that Muhammet Kürşat Soytürk is preparing for the Turkish championship and that children with disabilities should be directed to all branches of sports in order to participate and benefit from social activities.

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