Night of Power Prayers and Surah Amme: Meaning and Virtue

The meaning and virtue of Surah Amme, also known as Surah An-Naba, is a topic of curiosity among Muslims. It speaks about life after death and the consequences of one’s actions. Additionally, the Night of Power prayer, recited by the Prophet Muhammad, is also significant.

The prayer reads: «Allahumma innake afuwwun karimun tuhibbul afwa fa’fu anni,» which translates to «Oh Allah, you are forgiving, you love forgiveness, forgive me.» According to Islamic belief, spending the Night of Power in worship with faith and sincerity will result in the forgiveness of past sins.

Surah Amme is recommended to be read after the afternoon prayer and is considered one of the essential chapters of the Quran for Muslims to know. Also known as Amme Surah, it deals with doomsday, resurrection, judgment, punishment, and reward.

Surat Nabe (Amme) is the name of a chapter of the Quran that also deals with the judgment day, heaven and hell, and human life. It is recommended to read Surat Nabe after completing the obligatory prayers.

Muslims believe in the Quran as the word of Allah (God) and consider it a guide for life. Therefore, they consider it essential to understand the meaning and virtue of each chapter to follow the teachings of Allah.

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