No Bunnies or Chocolate Eggs, Easter is about Deliverance

Despite the liberties enjoyed by most of us living in democratic societies, the struggle for preserving our freedom against encroaching censorship, authoritarianism, or aggressive corporate interests is an ongoing effort. Celebrating Easter, the greatest holiday in the Christian calendar, let us remember the message of Good Friday: atonement and deliverance, with one of the most inspirational Hungarian personalities of the 20th century.

Cardinal Mindszenty a day after his release from communist captivity. Photo: Wikipedia

Cardinal József Mindszenty delivered his  prayer of gratitude on the night of October 30, 1956, after he was freed from captivity in the Northern town of Felsőpetény by the Home Guards of a nearby town, Rétság. He was held captive by the communist secret service (AVH), but eventually abandoned in the chateau where he was housed at the news of the 1956 anti-communist uprising. On his release, Cardinal Mindszenty delivered the following prayer:

(October 30, 1956 in József Mindszenty: My Memoirspp. 417 and 420)

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«Dear Lord, receive the thanks and gratitude of my heart! In Thy goodness I implore Thee, graciously to direct my destiny together with the destinies of my persecuted homeland. May our freedom be complete and our love for Thee be renewed. Give me the strength to forgive and to bear witness without hatred. May I always follow Thy example and follow Thy commands, fighting against evil in silence and humility.»

Cardinal Mindszenty’s prayer is a powerful reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is always hope for freedom and peace. His unwavering faith and commitment to forgiveness and humility inspire us to never give up the fight for our own freedom, for the freedom of our loved ones, and for the freedom of all people around the world.

As we celebrate Easter, let us also celebrate the spirit of Cardinal Mindszenty, who dedicated his life to defending human rights and religious freedom. May his legacy continue to inspire us to speak out against tyranny and oppression, and to fight for the values that make our societies truly free and just.

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