Person who made pirate parking lot in Maltepe detained

A person who was determined to be a pirate parking lot in Maltepe was caught.

The suspect, who was found to demand a fee from the drivers of the vehicles parked on the road in Istanbul Maltepe, was taken into custody.

Istanbul Police Department Traffic Inspection Branch teams started work to catch the suspects who were found to be doing pirate parking lot.

In the inspections of the civil traffic teams, it was determined that the drivers parked on the road in front of Altıntepe Mahallesi Kasaplar Çarşısı were demanding parking fees. caught. The suspect, who learned that action would be taken in accordance with the relevant article of the Highway Traffic Law, was taken to the Küçükyalı Martyr Mehmet Emin Aydın Police Headquarters. Plain police teams pretending to be customers recorded the suspect, who was trying to charge them for parking, with a mobile phone.

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Source Link: CNN/NTV

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The police have warned the public to be cautious of pirate parking lots and to only use authorized parking facilities. They have also advised drivers to report any suspicious activities related to illegal parking lots to the authorities. Parking illegally not only causes inconvenience to others but also poses a risk to public safety. It is important to follow traffic regulations and park in designated areas to avoid any legal troubles or accidents.

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