Police news: Fight in Kyrenia, 2 injured, 3 detainees

It was announced that the cause of death of Dmitrij Zincsenko (E-41), who suddenly fell ill on April 6 at his home in Iskele, was suffocation as a result of food blocking his airway.

In the police statement, it was noted that in the autopsy, it was determined that Zinczenko’s cause of death was the result of «aspiration of stomach contents and asphyxia,» and it was stated that the investigation into the incident continues.

-Fight in Kyrenia. 2 injured, 3 detainees…

As a result of an argument between them, Kadreddin Koç and his wife, KD (E-25), AT (E-63) and HA (E-26) were under the influence of alcoholic beverages, at around 01.15 last night in the parking area of ​​an enterprise on Karaoğlanoğlu Street in Girne. Yavuz severely battered Buğra Tüken.

According to the police statement, Kadreddin Koç, who was seriously injured as a result of the blows they received during the incident, was admitted to Nicosia with the diagnosis of cerebral hemorrhage. Burhan Nalbantoğlu State Hospital Neurosurgery Department, Yavuz Buğra Tüken was diagnosed with a fracture of the nose and ribs, Dr. Girne. He was treated in Akçiçek Hospital Surgical Service.

As part of the investigation, KD, AT and HA (E-26) were arrested.

-One person was detained in Edremit for possession of illegal firearms and explosives.

During the search made by the police in the house where HG (E-30) was staying in Edremit at around 16.00 yesterday, 12 unexploded bullets were found with a dry-fired pistol and taken as evidence.

The person in question was arrested.

-He stole the copper hot water boiler from the roof

Last night in Famagusta, around 23.50, a copper hot water boiler mounted on the roof of a house was stolen after it was cut off from the connections and damaged.

In the further investigation carried out after the incident came to the knowledge of the police, ST (E-45), who was seen as the suspect in the matter, was arrested, while the stolen copper boiler was taken as evidence.

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The article reports on various incidents that occurred in different parts of Cyprus. Dmitrij Zincsenko’s cause of death was determined to be suffocation resulting from food blocking his airway. In another incident, a fight broke out between several people who were under the influence of alcohol, resulting in injuries and hospitalization. Three people were arrested in connection to the fight. In Edremit, a person was detained for possession of illegal firearms and explosives. Finally, in Famagusta, a copper hot water boiler was stolen, and a suspect was arrested. The police continue to investigate these incidents.

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