President Tatar attended the «Forest Fires Workshop» held at the Turkish Cypriot Peace Corps

President Ersin Tatar attended the Forest Fires Workshop held at the Cyprus Turkish Peace Forces Command, where it was aimed to review and develop the measures to be taken by the relevant institutions and organizations, cooperation and coordination.

According to the information given by the Presidency, Tatar drew attention to the importance of the evaluations to be made about responding to emergencies, considering the fact that there may be a fire risk, especially in June and July, according to statistics, in the workshop where the martyrs of the Dumlupınar Submarine were commemorated.

Pointing out that there is an important capacity when acting in unity with the institutions and organizations of the TRNC, President Tatar referred to the work carried out in the Mersinlik fire and expressed that the TRNC has a serious capacity with all its institutions and organizations.

President Tatar said that in the event of a natural disaster, all means can be mobilized for the safety of the people, and that the grass that dries in the transformer centers can spread the resulting fires; He stated that weeds should be cleared with the help of the Forestry Department, the Electricity Authority and the municipalities.

Expressing that the forest lands have doubled since 1974, President Tatar pointed out that the wealth of a country in terms of forest areas should reach 30 percent and expressed the importance of the work carried out on planting saplings.

President Tatar stated that the pain of the 6 February earthquake in Turkey will remain in their hearts forever and pointed out the importance of being one heart in order to heal the wounds after the earthquake.

Referring to the measures taken and the sensitivity to the earthquake, President Tatar said that it is important to review the measures to be taken against the fire hazard with such a workshop before May.

Noting that it is important to establish a crisis desk and determine the infrastructure of how coordination will be ensured in order to intervene urgently and quickly when necessary, President Tatar thanked the organizers of the workshop and everyone who contributed.

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President Ersin Tatar attended a Forest Fires Workshop held in Cyprus to review and develop measures to be taken by relevant institutions and organizations in response to fire risks. The President stressed the importance of coordinating emergency responses, mobilizing all available resources, and clearing weeds around transformer centres to prevent fires. President Tatar also discussed the need to establish a crisis desk to ensure quick and effective interventions in times of emergency. He highlighted the importance of planting saplings to increase forest areas, which have doubled since 1974, and urged the country to work towards a target of 30% forest coverage. The workshop also commemorated the martyrs of the Dumlupınar Submarine and expressed condolences for the 6 February earthquake that struck Turkey.

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