Prime Minister Üstel: The change requested in the draft law is not indexed to a company. The aim is to meet the energy deficit.

Prime Minister Ünal Üstel stated that the Draft Public Procurement (Amendment) Law is not related to Aksa and that the amendment is not indexed to the company, and said that the aim is to meet the energy deficit that arises every year.

Üstel noted that the only way out for the security of energy supply, the economy and the way for renewable energy in the country is electricity and an interconnected system with a cable to be brought from Turkey.

Prime Minister Ünal Üstel, who took the floor after CTP Chairman Tufan Erhürman at the Extraordinary Meeting of the General Assembly of the Assembly of the Republic, stated that it was wrong to take the issue to other parties during the discussions on the draft law. Üstel said that since the day they were established as a government, they have been working to move the Cyprus Turkish Electricity Authority forward.

Prime Minister Üstel noted that there has been no investment in the institution for many years, that he has serious debts, that he is unable to invest and buy meters. Üstel said that they are working to open the way for the institution on issues such as reducing electricity fees, reducing debts, purchasing meters and purchasing fuel.

Stating that the Republic of Turkey undertakes the freight for fuel purchases, Üstel said that the power plants are maintained, all kinds of spare parts are provided, but production is insufficient.

Stating that there is a 5 percent deficit in energy every year, because in the past it was acted without planning, and all governments were responsible for this, Üstel noted that the Republic of Turkey had great support while trying to level the institution today.

Prime Minister Ünal Üstel stated that new energy alternatives should be introduced in the country, and within this framework, electricity will come via cable, just as water came from Turkey, and supply security in energy will be ensured.

Stating that this is the only way out, but there are red lines in the transition to the interconnected system, Üstel stated that this desired change is not a draft related to AKSA, the change is not indexed to a company and may be another company.

Asking, “Where are we going to meet the energy gap that arises every year”, Üstel noted that the only way out of security of supply in the country is the interconnected system, thus paving the way for the economy.

Stating that they had to pass the Public Procurement Law and meet with the relevant companies to close the energy deficit, since 5 years were needed for the electricity to come to the country by cable, Üstel stated that the solar energy system was full and they believed that they would pave the way for energy when electricity comes with the cable.


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Prime Minister Ünal Üstel of Northern Cyprus has said that a draft law amending public procurement is not related to Turkish energy company Aksa Enerji and is not indexed to any company. Instead, the changes would aim to alleviate the country’s annual energy deficit, he said. The prime minister added that an interconnected system with a cable running from Turkey would be the best way to improve security and introduce new energy alternatives to the region. He said he believed five years were needed to lay a cable, but the economy could benefit in the interim from a new solar power system.

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