Prime Minister Üstel: We will continue our health investments without slowing down

Today is World Health Day…

Prime Minister Ünal Üstel published a message on the occasion of the World Health Day.

Prime Minister Üstel stated that April 7, the founding day of the World Health Organization, which has been doing very important work for humanity since 1948, is celebrated as ‘World Health Day’ every year.

Stating that the World Health Organization has achieved a lot of success in the field of public health in its 75th year, the progress in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and the improvements in the quality of life is pleasing, Üstel said, on the other hand, that the experience of the pandemic, which has been experienced very recently, is about caring for health and He noted that it is necessary to continue health investments without slowing down.

Continuing his message, Prime Minister Üstel gave the following statements;
This year, the theme of World Health Day has been determined as ‘Health for All’ in order to emphasize the need to eliminate inequalities in access to health services.
Unbalanced diet, lack of physical activity, excessive salt consumption, tobacco and alcohol use are factors in the emergence of many diseases and are modifiable risk factors. Vaccination is the most important protector of humanity against infectious diseases. Economic crises and poverty are factors that directly affect the quality of life and deepen inequality among people.
Health; It is defined as a state of complete mental, physical and social well-being. From this point of view, the prevention of diseases, their treatment after they appear, a high quality of life and the welfare of the people should be the main goals of every country.
We continue our work with this awareness. We will lay the foundation of the new Nicosia State Hospital in a very short time, we will put the Girne Hospital into service by completing its internal equipment, and we have created resources for the completion of the unfinished Güzelyurt Hospital. We will put this hospital into service within a certain calendar. We see the construction of a new health center in Pamuklu as extremely important in terms of access to health services. For this reason, we have included Pamuklu Health Center among our priority projects.

In order to reach high quality, reliable and fast health services, as well as a sensitive and conscious society, we continue to progress by completing our deficiencies in accordance with universal values.
With these feelings and thoughts, I congratulate the World Health Day, thank all the health workers who struggle with superhuman effort for human health, and wish all the people of the world a healthy day.”

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Source Link: BRTK/CNN

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On the occasion of World Health Day, Prime Minister Ünal Üstel shared a message highlighting the importance of investing in healthcare and eliminating inequalities in access to health services. He emphasized the need to prevent diseases, improve the quality of life, and ensure the welfare of people as the main goals of every country. Üstel also expressed gratitude towards all healthcare workers who are working tirelessly towards human health. He announced plans to build a new state hospital in Nicosia, put the Girne Hospital into service, and complete the Güzelyurt Hospital. Additionally, a new health center in Pamuklu was also included among the priority projects. Overall, the Prime Minister’s message emphasized the crucial role that healthcare plays in promoting the well-being of society.

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