Protests suspended in Kenya after President’s dialogue message

Odinga said in a speech made by President Ruto yesterday that he «stretched an olive branch and suspended the protests to give an opportunity for dialogue».

The Kenyan opposition leader demanded the immediate release of those detained during the demonstrations and an end to the proceedings.

President Ruto called for an end to the demonstrations last night due to the loss of life and property and stated that the reform in the Election Commission, which is one of Odinga’s demands, could be done jointly in the Parliament.

The Azimio coalition, which has been gathering in the capital Nairobi for weeks, was preparing for a bigger demonstration for today.

The Azimio coalition had been holding protests for two weeks, citing the end of the unilateral change in the Electoral Commission and the cost of living.

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Source Link: NTV/TRT

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Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga has suspended protests demanding electoral reforms and called for dialogue after meeting with President William Ruto. Odinga had been leading the Azimio coalition in two weeks of protests over unilateral changes to the electoral commission and the rising cost of living. He demanded the immediate release of other protesters who were detained during the demonstrations. Ruto called for an end to the protests due to the loss of life and property, and suggested that electoral reform could be done jointly in parliament.

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