Public Procurement (Amendment) Draft Law is being discussed in the extraordinary meeting in the parliament

The Extraordinary General Assembly of the Assembly continues to discuss the Public Procurement (Amendment) Bill.


Reminding that there was a crowd in front of the parliament on this day last year due to the Law on the Unification of Municipalities, CTP Deputy Product Solyalı said that they really wanted to learn why a change was made in the Public Procurement Law, and that they wanted it to be explained in detail.

Solyalı said, «With the Public Procurement Amendment Law, no one is allowed to be treated so rudely over our money,» and that the government officials «heard» all that was said during the committee work on the law.

Asking why there is a legal time limit according to the Tender Law, Solyalı said, referring to the Tender Law, that transparency, competition, equal treatment, accountability, reliability, confidentiality and public scrutiny will be abused with the amendment law, He argued that making such a change was immoral.

Criticizing Kıb-Tek’s dependence on the Prime Minister, Solyalı claimed that Kıb-Tek has not been invested voluntarily for all these years.

Claiming that the created non-competitive environment is an indication of the involvement of political rent and bribery in public tenders, Solyalı repeated the question of why the law was tried to be passed «hastily».

Stating that no investment has been made for so many years and that they have the capacity to go out to tender, Solyalı predicted that with the desired change, the authority of the Competition Board will be taken.

Solyalı said, «If there is a legal change that will be taken out of control, it is an indication that there is corruption or that there will be a situation that will result in corruption.»

Stating that “public tenders mean using the public’s money,” Solyalı noted that if the law is brought back to the Parliament, it should be re-evaluated by the government.

Referring to some articles of the Constitution, Solyalı said, “If you have not made a development plan in the country, you are responsible. If you did, there would be no need for these jobs in this country,» he said.

Mentioning the difficulties experienced in the fuel sector and non-tender fuel purchases, Solyalı said that if maintenance and repairs were carried out regularly, there would be no need to purchase electricity from the South, the electricity produced by AKSA would be sufficient and there would be no loss of 500 million TL.

Solyalı said, «You stole at least 500 million TL from us, where is this money, this law is nothing but paving the way for corruption.»


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The Extraordinary General Assembly of the Assembly is currently discussing the Public Procurement (Amendment) Bill. CTP Deputy Product Solyalı has raised concerns about the amendment, stating that it may lead to an abuse of transparency, competition, equal treatment, accountability, reliability, confidentiality, and public scrutiny in public tenders. Solyalı criticized Kıb-Tek’s dependence on the Prime Minister and claimed that the lack of competition in the public tenders is an indication of political rent and bribery. Solyalı also raised concerns about the loss of 500 million TL due to non-tender fuel purchases and stated that the law is paving the way for corruption.

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