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A red notice was issued about the English teacher who was on trial for allegedly sexually abusing her student in a private kindergarten in Istanbul.

In the indictment prepared by the Büyükçekmece Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, it was demanded that Rebecca Kate R. be sentenced to prison terms from 5 years 9 months to 11 years and 6 months on charges of «qualified sexual abuse of a child», «simple injury» and «insult».

Büyükçekmece Criminal Court of First Instance sent the file to Bakırköy High Criminal Court for lack of jurisdiction. Bakırköy 19th High Criminal Court also issued an arrest warrant for Rebecca Kate R.


In the indictment, it was stated that kindergarten student E.K. cursed in English with his mother, asked where his mother had learned this curse, and EK declared that his kindergarten teacher said that to him when he got angry.

The indictment also included the allegation that 4-year-old EK also said that British teacher Rebecca Kate R. hit her, cursed and sexually harassed her. Thereupon, mother EK and father MK filed a complaint about teacher.

Teacher Rebecca Kate R., who was taken into custody as part of the investigation launched, said that she had been working at the school since 2013, that two teachers were working in the classroom and that no teacher was alone in the classroom.


In her statement, Rebecca Kate R. also claimed that the classroom was glass from all sides and it was easily seen from the outside, that no one beat the children and did not teach English curses. The English teacher claimed that the accusations were fictitious and slanderous. Rebecca R. Kate, who was released pending trial, had gone to England.

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A red notice has been issued for a British English teacher accused of sexually abusing a four-year-old student at a private kindergarten in Istanbul. Rebecca Kate R is alleged to have abused the child, who also accused her of cursing and hitting her. R, who denies the allegations that include “qualified sexual abuse of a child,” has been released on bail and has returned to the UK.

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